Sport Clips Franchise Opportunities

One of the fastest growing hair salons for men currently is Sport Clips. We?re different from other hair salons, which generally cater their services for women. While this is good for them, men are left out. This is a shame, considering this is a $50 billion a year industry. Owning your own Sport Clips franchise is extremely easy too. Simply buy your franchise, hire a manager, and sit back and make money.

We specialize in male oriented service, by providing some of the best hair stylists for men, having TVs playing sports at every barber chair, a sports themed environment, sports related merchandise (for sale), and great haircuts at great prices. With over 140,000,000 men and boys who need haircuts, the market is brimming with new clients. You don?t need any experience, and you don?t even have to leave your current job. Our franchises offer very low overhead and start up cost, with a high probability of repeat business. Hair care is also one of the few things that dosen?t fluctuate as frequently as the economy.

Those interested in a Sport Clips franchise should have at least $100,000 in liquid assets, and up to $300,000 in net worth. Franchise licenses cost $49,500 for 3. We offer excellent training and support programs to get you started and to help your franchise flourish, as well as excellent local, statewide, and national marketing campaigns and advertisements, as well as in store training and support.

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